Freedom Fighter, Founding Father: A Poem in Honour of Nelson Mandela


Into An African Eternity


Ingrained within human hearts,

It seems only the mourning of dead

has secured the guarantee of perpetual life.


Yet, there is a difference in greatness

for an idea is but invincible:

No shackles too heavy,

No bars can contain its boundless hope

Mortality is but an illusion

For the body which houses

the immortal ideal.


He is not gone

but rather lingers on

In the rebellious mind,

in the revolutionary spirit, 

in the forgiving heart.

Burning down barriers,

then building bridges.

Raising clenched fists,

then embracing with open arms.


He now watches over a nation proud


united and empowered

forever grateful-

to our troublemaker,

our freedom fighter,

our founding father:

Nelson Mandela



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