Farewell Carlos Danger


The results from the New York City Democratic Primary are in and progressive Bill de Blasio has been nominated to take on the Republican anti-kitten (yes) and fiscal conservative candidate Joe Lhota for the mayor of the Big Apple. Now, de Blasio is a bona fide liberal and I’m genuinely thrilled that he came out on top, but before the heated debate on Stop and Frisk and Wall Street regulations take center-stage, I thought I’d bid farewell to another candidate who had ensured there never was a dull moment in this mayoral race. Yes, I’m talking of course about Anthony Weiner.

Although Weiner ended up with a meager 4.9% of the vote, he actually led in the polls early on in the race. However, that was before the emergence of an epic alter-ego-the Mr Hyde to Weiner’s Dr Jekyll-Carlos Danger. Weiner was no stranger to a sex scandal and even entered the race with the shadow of his 2011 fall from grace hanging over him (In the off chance you’re unfamiliar with the sexting pictures that saw him resign from Congress-I strongly advise you NOT to Google them and take my word that they’re rather inappropriate). Nevertheless it seemed New York was ready to give him another chance. After all, he cleaned up his act after leaving Congress right? Wrong.

Up until earlier this year, the world’s most-appropriately named politician was sexting with various partners, including the now-infamous Sydney Leathers. To be fair-Weiner broke no laws and let’s not forget stupidity isn’t really a crime(if it was, Lhota would have the police stop and frisk you if they had a suspicion you spend your spare time watching Toddlers in Tiaras). New Yorkers however seemed less than impressed and Weiner’s once strong showing in the polls (I swear these puns aren’t on purpose) plummeted. However, the former Congressman did not resign, to the delight of those of us who saw him now as more our source of daily entertainment than a serious contender to become Bloomberg’s successor. To Weiner though, he still stood a firm chance: Carlos Danger would fight on. 

Weiner spent the days following the revelation urging the press not to focus on his personal affair-and the odd thing is, I somewhat agree. The personal lives of politicians should not take precedence over the issues facing the people they represent and it is for this reason I backed Eliot Spitzer, the former ‘Sheriff of Wall Street’, in his bid to become NYC comptroller, a bid he eventually lost to Scott Stringer by a small margin. However, personal issues become more relevant when they highlight the capability of a candidate to hold public office. In this case, Weiner’s string of apologies to the public, vowing to change and then not doing so is, in my opinion, the reason the residual trust between him and the New York City public was eroded.

Following a steady decline in the polls, as well as a mocking response about cat videos to a Buzzfeed question about Jon Stewart, whose show, under the custodianship of Jon Oliver, aired the hilarity of the campaign, Weiner 2013 ends up here-absorbing the crushing defeat from de Blasio. So, how did Weiner concede? Surely in a mature and reconciliatory manner which cleared up the tomfoolery of the last couple of months? Well of course not-that is not the Anthony Weiner way. He leads by example-why settle for telling the public what an “imperfect messenger” he’s been when he could just dash through a McDonalds, fleeing his ex-mistress turned amateur pornography actress to wave the press goodbye with a sincere display of his middle finger?

And so, for what it’s worth and regardless of the fact that I wholeheartedly back de Blasio for mayor, I’m surely not alone in saying: Farewell Carlos Danger-your outlandish campaign will be missed.



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